2014 No MOre Trash! Bash

Please join us in April for the No MOre Trash! Bash.

This is a special year as we celebrate Peanut’s 30th birthday. Peanut the Turtle lives the story of how litter hurts. When young, this red-eared slider got a plastic six-pack ring stuck around her shell. She grew but the plastic ring didn’t and she ended up with a peanut shape. Luckily, someone found Peanut. She lives at a Conservation Department nature center showing people the damage litter can do.

Join the Bash by:

  • picking up litter
  • educating others about not littering
  • having a litter-free event
  • encouraging friends and family to participate

Report your Bash activity by May 15 and receive a No MOre Trash! Bash lapel pin designed to commemorate Peanut the Turtle's 30th birthday.

Thank you for making and keeping Missouri clean and beautiful!

2014 Trash Bash Pin
Peanut the Turtle